Ideas for Renovating Your Business Office

Looking to Upgrade Your Business?

If you own a business, more often than not you have an office building. In your workspace, you have employees and potential customers. The last thing you want is to have an uncomfortable interior as well as an unwelcoming feel.

This can cost both time and money in one way or another. The most important thing to consider at the moment, is to assess what you have and where you want to go. If your office building is more than 10 years old, it may be time for a facelift.

We wanted to bring you the best ideas for renovating your business office. These ideas come from years of experience in the business side of things from our previous painting business that we owned. When we painted interiors and exteriors for businesses, it was part of a true makeover, and overall better look.

When you make upgrades, your stock goes up. The property is worth more on many different sides of the coin, so to speak. For starters, you will see an increase of work productivity with your employees. Studies have shown that 85% of workers enjoy a nice, new work environment. New desks, new chair and new everything – it all counts. You can also see an increase in visitors, or potential customers. Word of mouth gets out that you have a brand new office space, and people want to go check things like that out, so they aren’t missing out on anything. FOMO is a real thing, and when you upgrade your commercial property, the people will come. If it is nice enough, they will buy from you.

Repeat customers is what we are all after, right? Well, sort of. You also want to make your business office a comfortable setting where employees can thrive and customers can buy.

Idea #1: A New Paint Job

That’s right. Painting your business’ interior and exterior spaces can really make a huge impact on the look and feel of your office. How do you get this done? First, contact your local commercial painters. Painting companies can do wonders to the inside and outside parts of your building. Second, make sure you have a clear and concise plan.

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Idea #2: New Chairs and Desks

Start upgrading now! Your employees will appreciate the kind gesture and drive to be better. They will start to work harder because they will see you value their efforts on a daily basis. New desks and chairs go a long way, especially when they are comfortable!

Idea #3: Open Concept

This is a must have. Everyone is going open concept these days and it’s all because it feels better. It will look like there is more room. Even if it doesn’t create extra space (which it likely will), your office will feel like a big open area that isn’t congested and jammed pack. This leads to better productivity and at the end of the day will produce more results.

Upgrading your office is a huge part of growing your business. Don’t let the little things out weigh what’s important now. Always think long term, and these ideas will help you get there.

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