What To Do If The Casino Does Not Pay Money


Newbies often find themselves on dishonest online gaming resources that break the rules. Moreover, the administration of the site is trying to lay the blame on the ignorant poor fellow and there are many explanations for this. What if the casino  slot casino malaysia doesn’t pay money?

Action plan

For some time after ordering the payment, we are waiting for a letter from the administration. If it doesn’t come, we write it ourselves. In the response, the client should describe the reason for the refusal to withdraw funds. We will make a start from them. Let’s consider the possible grounds for refusal.

Violation of the rules of the bonus policy

The casino refuses to withdraw the winnings and indicates non-compliance with the rules. Instead, it offers to pay only the initial deposit. Take the following steps:

  1. Find the rules and the clause referred to by the operator. Please note the date of the last changes.
  2. If the conditions were really not met, then there is no point in complaining.
  3. Let’s say you are trying to withdraw about 5% of your total loss. Write a letter that you are a regular customer who has been playing for a long time. Absent-mindedly, I did not notice one of the points of the rules, so I broke it. Ask politely to make concessions and settle this incident or block the account indefinitely. Sometimes this appeal is triggered if the casino sees you as a valuable player and the payout amount is small.

ID confirmation

It happens that the casino pulls with the payment, clinging to the poor quality of the photo in the documents, refers to the verification rules and something like that. Actions for this case:

  1. If the winnings are big enough, you can officially certify the documents with a notary. The service will cost around 800 rubles.
  2. In the absence of a certificate confirming the place of residence from the housing and communal services, you can attach a bank certificate indicating your address and full name. To do this, you need to open an account.
  3. Contact technical support with a request to block the cancellation of the payment of funds. After that, it becomes easier to negotiate with some operators.

Refusal without explanation

What if the casino does not pay money, arguing with the right to refuse payments without explaining the reasons? If you have received such an answer, but you are sure that you were not guilty of anything, the following options will help:

  1. Respond politely that you will tell about the arbitrariness that is taking place on thematic forums and large sites. If the establishment fears for its reputation, such a statement will take effect.
  2. If it didn’t work, push further, what you will write to the gambling commission. If it is a network of companies, notify senior management of the incident.

They don’t pay out money to casinos that don’t care about their customers. They are only interested in quick profit in a dishonest way. Large online services with a good reputation do not interfere with the withdrawal of funds and allow you to block your account before making a payment.

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