Joshua Tree International Film Festival

a Black Lotus Production

indie films in the Hi-Desert

Submissions for 2016 are now closed.

The Joshua Tree International Film Festival (JTIFF) recognizes the importance of narrative at the core of filmmaking. Without a good story, movies might just be sound and fury.

By celebrating the work of storytellers; those committed to crafting intricate worlds, fully-formed characters, and diverse perspectives, AFF bolsters its reputation as a champion for the creator.

Please Note: the JTIFF does not waive entry fees. JTIFF believes waiving entry fees hurts the integrity of the competition. The same rules and entry fees should apply to all applicants so no one film is favored over another. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Joshua Tree International Film Festival (JTIFF) is not responsible for the streaming quality of Secure Online Screeners. If you choose to submit a Secure Online Screener and would like to guarantee the quality of your submission, JTIFF strongly suggests you submit a DVD in addition to your Secure Online Screener submission.